Sheds Gloucester and Cheltenham


Sheds are a great tool for any garden; providing space to store vital items and shelters your valuables from the harsh British weather.  We can design and build a shed to fit in with its surroundings flawlessly and using the space provided in a smart way.

The style and look of your shed can determine the overall look of your garden, we can make your shed a practical and well designed tool. Weather your shed is used to be an extra room/private spacing, greenhouse or an area for your essential garden tools we will design the project with you and work with you throughout the whole process.

We are on hand to go over any design ideas you may have, making sure we follow your wants as fully as possible. Details and good craftsmanship can really make a shed look original and beautiful, we can intertwine your structure with beautiful plants and shrubbery and make sure to leave your garden well groomed.