Summerhouses are a beautiful traditional touch for a British garden in particular. Good summerhouses can be a relaxing and enjoyable place to retreat to where you can enjoy the nature around you and the warmth and fresh air surrounding you.

We will create a great place to relax in the hot summers to keep the sun off your shoulders and to be close to nature, as well as a great place to keep an eye on the kids or any pets roaming and playing around the garden summer sun. Our high quality material will create a breathless finish and will last through a number of seasons.

At primal property we pride ourselves on the beautiful summerhouses we have and are yet to create, we’d love for you to be next on our portfolio! We will design each house specifically to your taste and the surroundings making sure then everything looks in place and you will be the happiest you can be with our work! We won’t leave until everything is completed with a perfectionists touch.