Bathrooms Gloucester and Cheltenham


Bathroom Fitting and Design

A redesigned bathroom can open up a more pleasant and stylish space for your morning routine, starting off your day in a vibrant and spacious area can increase your mood from morning to night. We can make cleaning feel like a luxury every day!

 Our installations make your bathroom a comfortable place for you and your family to be in, we will brighten up your bathroom and make it easily maintainable so you can feel like you’ve been given a newly renovated space every day. Make dripping taps and dingy bathrooms a thing of the past.

We provide the skills for anything you want done, from plumbing and electrical work to design and decoration. We always listen to your wants and needs and complete them all with a smile on our face and yours.

Bathroom Fitting Services:

  • Tilling
  • Pipe adjustment
  • New suites
  • Full renovation
  • Electrics